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Working Environmentally Consciously, Without Compromise to a Recognised Standard, ISO14001
To demonstrate our continued commitment to the environment’s well being, our business activities for Environmental Management systems have been certificated for compliance with the internationally recognised standard ISO14001.

The company’s Environmental Management performance is monitored and continuously improved by our Green Team, which contains representatives from operational departments of our business. The team is also made up of members from our Health, Safety & Welfare Committee so that the regular meetings of both teams are held simultaneously. The team is lead by our Health, Safety & Training Officer, who is also our Environmental Manager and is supported in this role by our Quality Manager, who integrates internal auditing of all our management systems into one programme. Members of our Green Team have passed the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health's Level 2 qualification in environmental protection.

Our commitment to ISO14001 was recognised in a case study by the West Midlands Centre for Constructing Excellence, which you can see here.

Voluntary Commitments

We take the subject of Environmental Management seriously and have signed up to voluntary initiatives, e.g. the WRAP Halving Waste to Landfill campaign and voluntary accreditation by the Green Achiever scheme.

We have also subscribed to organisations which provide clean water to Africa and who undertake carbon offsetting for us.

Waste Segregation

We segregate and recycle as much waste as possible and continue to reduce our waste to landfill as a result of our ongoing participation in the WRAP halving Waste to Landfill campaign. We are a licensed waste carrier and are registered as an Upper Tier waste carrier.

Carbon Reduction

We continuously seek to reduce our carbon footprint, and have been doing so since before we gained our ISO14001 certification.

The introduction of new technologies in the way we operate have contributed significantly to reducing fuel consumption and travel. Measures implemented have included wireless digital data capture to reduce paperwork handling and office visits by field operatives. We also use trackers in our vehicles, which is the subject of a supplier case study.

These measures have helped to improve our efficiency and customer service.

We have changed over the whole of our fleet of over 50 vehicles to new low carbon emission models. The photo below shows 3 new Ford Fiesta ECOnetic vehicles being ready for delivery, which are low 98 g/km CO2 emissions. A recent example of our continuous improvement programme on carbon emissions has been teaming up with Michelin to trial some new tyres – and just as Michelin promised, they reduced fuel consumption and needed changing less often than the make we were using previously, so all of our fleet is being transferred to the new line of Michelin tyres.

LES vehicles
Les Vehicles Case study
Case Study - Fleet Management Solutions

Another programme of carbon reduction measures we have implemented is the upgrading of the building fabric to all of our offices. The upgrade includes improved insulation, double glazing, new roofs, LED and low energy lighting throughout the offices and dramatically improved day lighting in our factory.

Carbon Offsetting
tree planting in boughton

Before we gained ISO14001 we were already taking action to reduce our carbon effects. We used tree planting to offset our vehicle emissions – in 2010 we emitted 279 tonnes of CO2 and 251 tonnes of CO2 in 2011. To counteract this output, we purchased carbon credits to plant native trees which will capture more than the equivalent amount of the unavoidable CO2 that we generated as a business. As our woodland-creation partner Forest Carbon Ltd explains, the benefits extend beyond carbon capture:

“We are delighted that Lift & Engineering Services Ltd has joined the growing band of insightful businesses engaged in carbon capture through woodland creation here in the UK. The trees planted are for the benefit of all: not only capturing CO2 but also enhancing the landscape, reducing flooding and scrubbing other pollutants from our atmosphere. Companies like Lift & Engineering Services Ltd who undertake this voluntary activity are taking the long and sustainable view."

We were pleased to learn that planting took place in Crairieknowe in Dumfrieshire to offset 2010 emissions and Boughton in Northamptonshire to offset 2011’s. The types of tree planted are ecologically suited to the area and include Oak, Ash, Cherry, Silver Birch, Pine, Sycamore, Willow and other natives.

By buying our carbon credits we have supported the planting of carbon woodlands which will, over time, amount to a whole forest's worth of carbon dioxide capture.
To find out more about our projects please click here for Boughton and here for Crairieknowe.



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