Like all electro/mechanical equipment, such as white goods and cars – lifts occasionally suffer break downs and that can mean someone becomes stuck in a lift and needs an engineer to come to site and release them. It is dangerous for an untrained person to work on lift equipment. It can also mean that lift users are affected by the inconvenience of their lift being out of service for a prolonged period of time until the fault is fixed.

As leading lift specialists with a large fleet of mobile and highly trained lift engineers – we are able to respond to your lift breakdown rapidly and dispatch a lift engineer quickly to your site – in many cases within tight contractual deadlines.

Once our engineer arrives on site, they will first release any trapped passengers or in the case of mobility lifts – help move the user to the most convenient place in their home and then proceed to find and repair the fault. Lift repairs may need parts so we ensure our lift engineers carry a stock of the most commonly required parts in their vehicles. Because we are lift manufacturers we hold a larger stock of parts than lift service companies – including high quality workshop refurbished parts that can be used as a temporary or permanent fix.

If your lift needs a more major repair, then we have teams of dedicated repair engineers who can be assigned to your lift installation and get it back into service as quickly as suppliers can deliver the parts required. This is where our loyal and robust chain of suppliers, adds value to our customer service.

Please be aware that if you are not a customer with a maintenance contract then you will normally be required to make a payment in advance of our attendance to release passengers or undertaking a repair. We can only apologise for this necessity caused by the commercial behaviours of some past non-contract customers. We accept card payments by telephone during normal office hours.

If you have passengers trapped in a lift you can of course call your local Fire & Rescue Service to effect a release, however they will charge you more for this than we are likely to do and we have seen some quite costly damage to lift doors and frames caused by Fire & Rescue Service releases.