Conversant in the preparation of specifications to the latest standards and requirements –  with full knowledge and implementation of the current CDM Regulations and the Industries Specific Risk and Method Statements. Our advisory services are a starting point for any new lift project encompassing: installation, repair or modernisation. Our lift advisory team work closely with project and estates managers to ensure we select the right lift product in terms of size, capacity and usage – to meet our customer’s exacting requirements.

Once ideas are discussed and developed, our team of design engineers offer a range of visual concepts by using the latest in 3D CAD software technology. The visuals enable clients to appreciate the concept of the final design, its style, colour and materials used. It also offers the flexibility to revise the design prior to manufacture and because the scale is to the millimetre –  the 3D CAD technology can flag up any problematic areas where a different engineering method maybe required.

Each building is unique and so our lifts are often bespoke to accommodate the requirements of the building, fulfil its use and reflect the space in which it is positioned. From an aesthetic point of view, a lift can sometimes be considered to be quite a conventional object. However, through our consultancy lift services process, we consider the building style and how we can subtly reference it in the design or even make a feature of the lift by the clever use of materials, finishes and colours.

In addition to new lifts, our advisory services include condition reports and forward lifecycle cost plans for repairs and modernisation of existing lift equipment. To include: full identification of materials and equipment required to suit the working conditions and the usage of the lifts.

From initial preparation of equipment required through to testing and hand-over to projected service life.  We can provide a total package and offer consult lift services to suit your requirements.

For more information on our detailed range of advisory services and request a review of your lift requirements, click here to contact us.