You have options to use your lifts as more than vertical passenger transport. They can be simple and blend in with the building, be high quality finished items that make a statement about your building or organisation’s status or they can be part of your building’s advertising and marketing strategy. Equally, they may be rugged heavy duty objects able to withstand deliberate vandalism or the movement of goods and the collision of trolleys, cages or beds, etc.

Our lift car interiors can be fully finished cabins in a selection of materials, colours and textures. Unlike some standard packaged lifts which offer a limited range of possibilities, our bespoke lifts give you the opportunity to be as creative as you wish.

Lift car floors are available in a wide range of effects and finishes including tiling, timber, coloured resins, hard wearing and washable anti-slip vinyl and many more.

If your lifts will operate in a harsh public environment or in the public realm then they may be susceptible to vandalism and carelessness which can deface finishes and create negative perceptions of safety. If such actions deface lift cars and leave indelible and deep scars in metallic panels the cost of removal, replacement and treatments can be an expensive drain on financial resources. Our lift cars be rugged galvanised cabins on to which removable panels of finishes materials are added with concealed fixings, making it easier to remove and replace damaged panels of less costly linings.

The car finishes can be vandal resistant in accordance with the 2 category requirements of BS EN81-71 and vandal resistant CCTV camera housings can be fitted.

If you want to use the time passengers spend in a lift to get their attention for service and product promotion why not have them wrapped in a printed advertisement feature or have us fit frames for your posters, menus or adverts. The effects can provide cost effective branding and messaging.


Your opportunities do not have to stop at inside the lift car as we can also make features of lift entrances using high quality materials, metallic finishes and of course the wraps that provide marketing communication with passengers waiting to go to your cinema, retail spaces or theatres.

If your lift entrances have been classified as fire barriers, e.g. specified to have a fire resistance time to prevent fire entering the lift shaft around or through the entrances, then this may limit the treatments which can be applied to them so as not to compromise safety.