Lift & Engineering Services Ltd was founded in 1982 in the Black Country, the West Midlands engineering and manufacturing heartland of the United Kingdom. Its founder was Michael Haywood, himself a lift engineer who served his time with Wadsworth Lifts, a UK brand closed in 1986.

Two of Michael’s sons joined him in the 1980s, David and Wayne, and the Company was incorporated in May 1985. David was appointed a Director in March 1993 and Wayne was appointed a Director in August 1995. A few years later John Wilkinson joined the Company and was appointed a Director in August 1999.

David became Managing Director following his father’s retirement from the business and ran the Company as an independent UK lift manufacturer until late 2014 growing the business to a £10m+ SME.

In 2008 the Company bought Liftwork Services in Leicestershire and expanded their operations in the East Midlands.

In April 2010 Steve Smith was appointed as Director to the Company, having been with us for 4 years. That year the Company opened a new office in London’s Holloway.

In October 2013 the Company moved to larger premises in Harrow and expanded its London operations from the new Branch office.

In December 2014 David and Wayne sold the Company to the Thyssenkrupp group, with Thyssenkrupp AG becoming our ultimate parent company and Thyssenkrupp (UK) plc becoming our immediate parent company. This was an acquisition and not a merger. Since this date the Company has continued to trade as a standalone and independent entity, retaining its 1985 Companies House registration and having its own board of Directors and Managing Directors. The Company operates as what Thyssenkrupp term a “second brand”, able to draw from the strength and financial backing of a €1.7bn global parent whilst continuing to trade only to the UK market and with an independent branded product and service range. Thyssenkrupp has a number of lift operations within the UK which are not part of including thyssenkrupp Elevator UK Ltd, thyssenkrupp Encasa and Hytrac Lifts Ltd. One or more Directors of the Company have come from Thyssenkrupp since the acquisition.

John Wilkinson retired from the Company in August 2016. David and Wayne Haywood retired from the Company in September 2017.

In June 2017 Steve Smith was appointed Joint Managing Director. He shares this role with Joint Managing Director Roy Casey who joined the Company in June 2017, having been a long serving management and public sector procurement consultant to the Company since 2011 and working closely with Steve, David and Wayne.

In 2018 another Thyssenkrupp (UK) plc lift company, Hytrac Lifts Ltd, were merged in to Lift & Engineering Services.

The Company continues to design, manufacture, install and test bespoke lift solutions which particularly serve the UK’s public sector needs as well as providing service, call out response and repairs to public sector, private sector and domestic customers across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.