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Environmental Management

Lift & Engineering Services Ltd strive to reduce our carbon footprint. Where building owners require better environmental performance, our designers can support their objectives and have successfully obtained the credits available for lift installations within the BREEAM assessment. We recommend the use of energy efficient lifts to reduce whole lifecycle costs across the operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Our environmental management systems have been certified for compliance with the internationally recognised standard ISO 14001 and we are working towards ISO 50001 to demonstrate efficient management of our energy systems.

We segregate and recycle waste, all water and energy usage is measured and we are currently planning to move to energy generated via renewable sources. Performance is monitored and continuously improved by representatives from across all operational departments of our business. The upgrading of the building fabric at our offices has reduced heat losses and energy requirements – further reducing carbon emissions.

We source parts locally wherever possible and the introduction of new technologies and the way in which we operate, contributes significantly to reducing travel and fuel consumption. Measures include installing trackers in vehicles and wireless digital data capture to reduce paperwork and office visits by field operatives. The implementation of Lightfoot Vehicle Trackers reduces fuel usage and increases driving efficiency. Our fleet of vehicles is undergoing a progressive change to lower emissions. These measures have also improved our efficiency and customer service.