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Replacement & Modernisation

Lift modernisation is a crucial process that enhances the safety, efficiency and reliability of existing lift systems. If your lift is more than 25 years old, it is the optimum time to consider modernisation. At this stage in a lift’s lifecycle, reliability is reduced, and frequent breakdowns can occur due to the failing of mechanical parts, or the signal may need upgrading. Also, older lifts are not energy efficient and can present accessibility issues for some users. Modernisation can improve energy efficiency and accessibility.

Why Lifts Need Modernisation

Safety Enhancement: Over time lift components can wear out or become obsolete. Modernisation replaces these parts, improving safety for passengers.

Energy Efficiency: Upgrading to newer technology can make lifts more energy efficient, reducing operational costs.

Compliance: Modernisation ensures lifts meet current accessibility and safety standards.

Performance Improvement: Components like control systems, motors, and door operators are upgraded, enhancing overall performance.

Cost-Effectiveness: Modernisation is often more economical than full replacement.

Lifespan Extension: By replacing worn parts, the lift’s life expectancy can be prolonged.

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