New buildings and extensions to existing buildings are the most common reason we are asked to provide new lifts to our customers. We also have customers who are changing a process in their organisation and need new goods lifts to enable the changes. Whatever the reason for you needing new lifts we are able to provide a variety of lift types to suit your requirements for the movement of people and/or goods.

Your new lift, whether it is in a new building or being added in to an existing building, will have an impact on its planning, structure and electrical supplies. We are used to working with structural engineers and building services designers to integrate a lift’s requirements in to their work as well as working with architects and interior designers to incorporate the spatial and visual impacts of new lifts.

If you are adding a new lift tower on to an existing building, rather than in to it, we can provide you with a turnkey package to install a new lift’s housing structure as well as the lift.

New Lifts

Under the regulations and design standards for lifts it is possible that the replacement of an existing lift in an existing building may be classified as a new lift. It is dependent of how much of an existing lift installation you are wishing to change, for instance if you want to completely change the drive arrangement of an old lift and install a more modern configuration that requires all parts of the old lift to be removed then this is likely to be classified as a new lift rather than a replacement or modernisation. The consequences of this may be that your building has to undergo significant and expensive alteration to meet the latest requirements for person clearances at the top and bottom of the lift shaft or an official waiver of the regulations has to be obtained. Either way, the sooner you know the requirements from a lift designer like ourselves, the quicker you will avoid a requirement that your conceptual idea of a lift replacement could overlook.

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