We strive to do our bit for the environment too. In the past we have committed to carbon offsetting through tree planting in the UK. We re-use and recycle as much of our wastes, both from office operations and site works, as possible using recognised providers for avoidance of waste to landfill and since we gained ISO14001 and started monitoring our waste streams in 2011 we have shown year on year improvements.

We operate a Policy of recycling obsolete parts which we salvage, refurbish and stock ready for re-use at our workshop and this cuts down our wastes and recycling by re-using parts again. In the generally accepted hierarchy of waste management, the re-use of items comes above recycling and disposal as means of reducing waste of materials and resources. But don’t worry – we won’t use them on your lift without your permission; however many of our Customers will tell you how convenient these can be in avoiding costly upgrades or returning lifts to work more quickly (even temporarily) when costly specialist parts from overseas are on prolonged delivery periods.

Our vehicle fleet is a significant contributor to our carbon emissions, so we ensure that it is refreshed year on year to bring in new models with the latest environment friendly engines whilst older vehicles are dropped from the fleet. Running between 60 and 70 vehicles per annum we typically replace 5 a year on a 4 year cycle and as our team expands to meet growing workloads we bring in new models along the churn of existing vehicles. Details of an annual schedule of our current fleet registrations can be viewed here. Other measures to reduce carbon mileage include installing trackers in vehicles and wireless digital data capture to reduce paperwork and office visits by field operatives. These measures have also improved our efficiency and Customer service.