If you are a health sector customer in need of modernisation, upgrade or replacement of lifts capable of carrying ambulant and bed patients, trolley or stretcher patients, visitor and staff passengers, clean or dirty goods or mobility impaired persons as well as escape or fire fighters lifts we have solutions that meet your needs.

We have many years of experience working in live healthcare environments where bad decisions or carelessness can be a matter of life or death. We understand and follow Health Technical Memorandum HTM06-01. We also appreciate the disruption a lift out of service in a busy healthcare environment can cause so we are always careful to communicate well and frequently with the estates or works management team responsible for the engineering services on the site.

We build lifts compliant with Health Technical Memorandum 08-02 so that all of the operational needs and features expected of hospital lifts, whatever their purpose, are present and compliant. Our designers understand the space requirements and clearances that Health Building Note 00-04 requires for vertical transportation systems. We also understand the rugged nature and build requirements of service lifts. Of particular note is the vandal resistance of lift cars and the robustness of lift doors, landing entrances and landing doors which are subject to constant challenge in a busy environment. In our opinion and experience as maintenance engineers any value engineering a lift specification down in such an environment is a false and ultimately expensive economy measure.

Our years of experience with the healthcare environment cover design, manufacturing, installation, testing and ongoing maintenance of lifts expected and proven to deliver a 25 year economic life span, which is beyond the norms expressed in the CIBSE Guide M publication for lifts.