Current Vacancies

Details of any current job opportunities at Lift & Engineering Services are shown below in Current Vacancies with a link to obtain more information on the job role.

Lift & Engineering Services is an equal opportunities employer and we welcome all applications. Fairness in the workplace is a vital part of a successful business and our Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy ensures fairness for all our employees, across all business operations. We do not to discriminate on any grounds.

We pride ourselves on the training we provide, the safety of our workforce and the awards we win to demonstrate these investments. If you are thinking of applying to us for a job have a look at our training, safety and awards pages.

General Enquiries

Lift & Engineering Services will consider speculative CVs from applicants who believe they have something to offer and can add value to our company and, ultimately, to our customers. Please send CVs for consideration to and make sure your contact telephone number and email address is included. It helps us if you enclose a covering letter explaining what role you are looking for and why you believe you offer an edge over other applicants.


We are a recognised apprenticeship provider and take apprentices in all parts of the company’s operations. If you want to find out more check out our Apprenticeships page.