Domestic mobility lifts, hospital lifts, passenger lifts – fundamentally every type of lift requires regular maintenance to remain in operational condition, provide reliable service and meet legislation on safety. Periodic inspection and testing in line with statutory regulations as well as safety checks as described in the Lift & Escalator Industry Association’s guides to lift management and lift safety are required. The insurance company which insures your lift may also ask for tests and works when they undertake their LOLER thorough examinations and these can be of a mandatory, necessary or recommended nature according to their findings, and for which each category of finding will be given a time limit to be undertaken (normally from immediate to 6 months).

Lift maintenance can be proactive or reactive. Proactive, planned and preventative (PPM) maintenance involves a programme of service visits which deliver the work intended to prevent breakdowns and keep the lift running and in excellent condition, whilst pre-planning for any foreseeable repairs, so they can be undertaken in a planned and less disruptive manner. This is the service which we recommend and normally include for, however market forces are driving down cost by driving down quality, so quick service visits and reactive condition or task based maintenance based on visual inspection alone are becoming an industry norm.

Reactive lift maintenance may appear to offer cost savings in the short term– however calling a company when your lift breaks down, may prove to be a more expensive and less economic choice than a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) programme – delivered as part of a proactive approach. This approach also runs the risk of insurance company’s LOLER thorough examination inspector shutting lifts down until the recommended repairs have been completed and checked.

Lift & Engineering Services have a full complement of lift specialists trained to deliver servicing to all makes, forms and uses of lift across the UK. These lift engineers are qualified to relevant NVQ levels for the roles they perform, from NVQ2 up to NVQ4 and ensure their knowledge is up-to-date through an annual programme of training.

For both domestic clients and commercial organisations, our lift engineers undertake maintenance in line with the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act (HASAW) and the Construction Design & Management Regulations (CDM).

If you are enquiring to us about a maintenance programme for your lifts, please let us know what sort of expenditure and coverage you have in mind so that we can tailor the cost and our PPM or Reactive Maintenance regime to your budget. We offer the following maintenance packages for domestic and commercial customers whereas the vast majority of public sector customers will already know which approach they wish us to take based on their statutory duty to buy “best value” against their available budgets:

  • Bronze – basic service visits either for PPM or Reactive Maintenance approach
  • Silver – basic PPM service visits with an element of call out and breakdown cover included
  • Gold – PPM service visits with an element of call out and breakdown cover included, including labour and materials for repairs up to a maximum threshold value*
  • Platinum – PPM service, all call outs and breakdown attendance included and all labour and materials for repairs up to a maximum threshold value*

Your approach to risk and your need for cost certainty will most likely dictate your options. The threshold* at which you pay in full for repairs can be varied to suit your risk profile and budget.

In addition to the service and repair works which our package offers above contain, if your lift is subject to LOLER thorough examinations your lift inspector may call for various Safety Assessment Federation (SAFed) tests to be applied. Please be aware that these tests are supplementary to normal lift service and inspection in PPM or Reactive Maintenance agreements and will incur additional charges.

We give you assurance that the quality of the service work you receive under a PPM service package will be to the highest standards and will reflect the Code of Practice guidelines published by the Lift & Escalator Industry Association for Lifts, Lifting Platforms, Escalators & Moving Walks or their Code of Practice for Personal Lifting Equipment (mobility lifts).

For more information on our detailed range of maintenance services and to request a review of your lift requirements, please contact us!