Since the introduction of the Public Services (Social Value) Act in 2012, Lift and Engineering Services, the UK’s Leading Lift Specialists, have become more and more involved in supporting our customers to deliver their commitments to local communities.

According to our customer’s requirements our contributions may be aimed at a single aspect of triple bottom line sustainability or address all three aspects of Society, Environment & Economy.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

As the UK’s Leading Lift Specialists, we have a full corporate social responsibility policy which enables our various social value initiatives.

Equal Opportunities

Fairness and equality of opportunity in the workplace is a vital part of a successful business – our Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy ensures fairness for all our employees, across all business operations. The policy applies equally to our interactions with our customers, suppliers and subcontractors. We do not to discriminate on any grounds.

UK’s Leading Lift Specialists

We encourage diversity throughout our workforce and we pride ourselves on being an equal opportunities employer. Contact the team today for further information!


We strive to do our bit for the environment too. In the past we have committed to carbon offsetting through tree planting in the UK. We re-use and recycle as much of our wastes, both from office operations and site works, as possible using recognised providers for avoidance of waste to landfill and since we gained ISO14001 and started monitoring our waste streams in 2011 we have shown year on year improvements.

Here to Help!

In addition to lift maintenance and lift repair services for all makes and types of commercial and residential lifts, Lift & Engineering Services design and manufacture our own brand of lifts for a wide range of uses, serving commercial and residential sectors and are seen as the UK’s Leading Lift Specialists!

For more information on how we can assist you, call a member of the team on 0808 1552827 or email