We provide a complete range of lift advisory and lift maintenance services to serve all forms of lift equipment requirements and manufacture new lifts for lift Replacement & modernisation.

We have an in-house lift design team who support experienced lift engineers and lift technicians to survey existing lift installations and assess the needs of all types of buildings and organisations – across domestic, private or public sector uses. Lift & Engineering Services, as designers, manufacturers and installers of all forms of lifts – have the expertise to provide accurate costs to meet budget and contract purposes for new lift installations, lift refurbishments or lift repairs.

In our Midlands workshop, we design and manufacture our own brand of lifts for all lift replacement & modernisation projects for a wide range of uses, serving commercial and public needs for passenger lifts, goods lifts and bed/passenger lifts. Whatever your system needs – hydraulic lifts, traction lifts or Machine Room Less (MRL) lifts – our own engineers undertake the installation and testing work to meet bespoke requirements.


Our in-house design team provides bespoke solutions to meet our customer’s needs – we do not manufacture any standard ranges or packages which require your building to be modified to suit them. We are able to manufacture full or part lifts to suit lift refurbishment and modernisation programmes which upgrade the existing installations to current regulations and expectations.

Our design team are on hand to provide 3D visualisations from conceptual ideas through to final approved drawings to suit all aspects of lift installation from individual components to full lift systems. You can also be certain that our designers do not use closed protocol equipment that limits your future options for maintenance to only a limited number of expensive appointed specialists tied to the lift manufacturer. We only use open protocol and this leaves our customers free to decide who will service their lifts, as well as being able to obtain service and replacement parts at competitive and economic prices. 


Our 25,000ft2 workshop is based in Cradley Heath and just a short distance from the UK’s motorway hub in the Midlands – providing easy access for all our customers. The workshop is fitted out with a comprehensive range of equipment where our highly skilled technicians produce quality products but it also has traditional machines and skills that ensure longevity and quality from hand finished and constructed lifts. To minimise the possibility of customer business interruption, we also maintain a constant high value and wide-ranging stock of industry standard replacement parts, including a comprehensive range of OEM and after sales components and, for those looking for a fast and lower cost solution to breakdowns and obsolescence, a large stock of salvaged parts. Please be assured we will never fit a salvaged safety component that has to be recorded under the Lift Regulations.

In addition to refurbished and replacement lifts (generally considered to be where the existing guide rails can be retained and reused) we can also provide customers with new lifts which are installed in a new or empty lift shaft. As a Lift Regulations Schedule 18 certificated designer and builder of lifts, we are qualified to design and build your new lift.

Bespoke replacement and repair items can also be designed and manufactured within hours in our manufacturing plant if required to support the service and repair teams.

Alongside our manufacturing facility where we offer new and refurbished lifts to exacting requirements and current standards – we manufacture lift and escalator components, including items which others are unable to manufacture in-house and are challenging to source as quickly from overseas. These include Car & Landing Doors, Lift Cars, Slings, Counter Weights, Guides, Bracketry, Guards, Pit Ladders, Push Plates and Car Operating Panels.

Bespoke Solutions

With over 35 year trading history, Lift & Engineering Services has created a unique position in the provision of bespoke solutions for all types of lifts, whether traction or hydraulic driven.

Lift Replacement & Modernisation

Meeting our customer’s requirements with unique, tailor made solutions – makes Lift & Engineering Services a market leader in vandal resistant high quality finishes – extremely durable for heavy goods lifting or true specialism such as explosion proof lifts. Our product range conforms to BS EN 81:71 Vandal Resistance Categories.

Each new lift is fully surveyed, designed in 3D CAD and manufactured to a value engineered specification to meet your specific needs and briefs. We do not offer standardised convenience for our production lines prior to installation and all installations are tested by our highly skilled workforce of directly employed fitters, testers and NICEIC registered electricians.


We take great care when undertaking our commitments and fully understand the importance of reliable and safe working practices. On site we have strict procedures to ensure the safety of your employees, visitors and of course our employees, whilst working on your equipment. We ensure the area of work is cordoned off and place various safety notices which are visible for your employees and visitors.

Additionally, we maintain appropriate safety and maintenance records to ensure you have peace of mind in all of the areas in which we work. We work as advisors keeping you informed of our progress and any issues that may influence the continued reliability and safe running of your equipment.

We know that in many buildings noise and vibration from our work can be a disruption to your normal business. If you need us to, we can undertake noisy works outside of your normal business hours either at night or over weekends. This approach tends to speed up the old lift’s removal and installation of the new lift and can also be of benefit if the speed to having your new lift operational is of the essence. Speak to us about these premium requirements and be sure to include it in your briefing to us.


With over 35 years of lift design, manufacture, repair and servicing experience – Lift & Engineering Services provides bespoke solutions for all types of lifts. We are able to meet specific requirements for vandal resistant, high quality finishes, heavy duty goods and even explosion proof lifts – covering:

  • Bed Lifts
  • Bed Passenger Lifts
  • Domestic Mobility Lifts
  • Electric Traction Lifts
  • Goods Passenger Lifts
  • Goods Lifts
  • Hoists
  • Hydraulic Lifts
  • MRL (machine room less) Lifts
  • Passenger Lifts
  • Platform Lifts
  • Public Mobility Lifts
  • Scenic Lifts
  • Through Floor Lifts

For more information on our lift replacement & modernisation services and to request a review of your lift requirements, please email mailbox@lift-engineering.co.uk